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Che Lives! The Legacy of Che Guevara in World Politics

Shannon Brincat and Michael Löwy

Globalizations, Special Issue "Che Lives!", 2023.

'Ordering the Wild': How Adaptive Management is used to Maintain Nature like a Postcard

Gelves-Gomez, Brincat et al. 2022. Society and Natural Resources, 2022. DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2023.2172241

Imagination in International Relations
With Caitlin Sparks & Tim Aistrope, International Studies Quarterly, 2022.

Class and Climate Change Adaptation in Rural India
With Maryam Aslany, Development and Change, 29(3), 2021: 571-582

The discourses of climate change science: Scientific reporting, climate negotiations and the case of Papua New Guinea
With Sophie Pascoe and Ashleigh Croucher, Global Environmental Change, 54, 2019: 78-87. 

When Öcalan met Bookchin: The Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Political Theory of Democratic Confederalism
With Damian Gerber, Geopolitics, 26(1), 2018: 973-997.
* Republished in: Building Free Life: Dialogues with Öcalan, (International Initiative Eds.), Oakland, CA: PM Press/Kairos, 2020. 9781629637044 

Cosmopolitan Recognition 

International Theory, 9(1), 2017: 1-32.

Dialectics and World Politics: The Story So Far… 

Globalizations, 11(5), 2014: 587-604.

Dialectics for IR: Hegel and the Dao

With L.H.M. Ling, Globalizations, 11(5), 2014: 661-687.

* Winner of the best theory paper in IR, awarded by the Theory Section ISA (2015).

Recognition, Violence and the Problem of Ethical Community 

Global Discourse, Vol. 4(4), 2014: 397-408.

The Problem of Chaotic Civil Society 

Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, essay (peer reviewed) in Special Issue ‘Ontological Anarché: Beyond Materialism and Idealism’, 2013(2): 250-258.

To Occupy is to Demand

Global Change, Peace & Security, communication piece (peer reviewed) in OCIS IV Special Issue, 25(1), 2013: 131-133.

Negativity and Open-Endedness in the Dialectic of World Politics

Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, 34(4), 2009: 455-493.

Hegel’s Gesture to Radical Cosmopolitanism

Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, 1(1), 2009: 47-65.

'Death to Tyrants’: Self-Defence, Human Rights, and Tyrannicide – Part II

Journal of International Political Theory, 5(1), 2009: 75-93.

'Death to Tyrants': The Political Philosophy of Tyrannicide – Part I 

Journal of International Political Theory, 4(2), 2008: 212-240.

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